Listado de Proyectos Externos


Código Nombre Proyecto Año Adjudicación Línea de Financiamiento
1 1202007 The early growth of galaxies through cosmic time 2020 FONDECYT REG
2 1200118 Elementary and class groups obstructions and Brauer-Manin maps associated to quadratic Galois coverings of varieties. 2020 FONDECYT REG
3 1201637 Fray Jorge Long-Term ecological research (LTER) in a thorn scrub semiarid ecosystem in North - Central Chile:Diet shift and niche partitioning of five small mammals in response to extreme climatic variability 2020 FONDECYT REG
4 1200466 Improving enzymatic detection of histamine through protein engineering for food quality applications 2020 FONDECYT REG
5 1200572 Efficient computational modelling of conjugate fluid mechanics and mixed heat transfer in air and natural heat convective liquid-solid phase change in water and some applications to solid and liquid food freezing 2020 FONDECYT REG
6 1201673 Long-Lives Particles and neutrino mass models 2020 FONDECYT REG
7 11201133 Stury on flow boiling inside micro-scale channels applied to thermal control of solar systems and electronics devices and cryogenics treatment 2020 FONDECYT INI
8 11200796 El "mas allá" en los sermones misteriosos en Nahuatl: almas entre espacios cristianos y mexicas 2020 FONDECYT INI
9 3200909 Exploring the connection between AGN and Starburst activity in Low -Mass 2020 FONDECYT POST
10 3200528 Estrategias de valoración multimodal en las portadas de la prensa escrita previa a los golpes de estado de brasil 1964 y chile 1973 2020 FONDECYT POST

Número de resultados: 81 proyectos.